Minnesota Vaccine Laws

School & Daycare - MN Statute 121A.15

Post Secondary & Adults - MN Statute 135A.14

Minnesota Exemption Forms, Minnesota Department of Health

This form is used for child care, early childhood programs, and school

Immunization and exemptions Record for Students Attending Post-Secondary Schools in Minnesota

Get Your Non-Medial Exemption Form Notarized

A list of places in Minnesota where exemption forms can be notarized. You can make your own form stating your conscientious objection to specific immunization(s) and sign it and have notarized.

Minnesota's School Immunization Law Exemption Provision

Vaccine information

Vaccine Package inserts and FDA Product Approval or

Ingredients/Components of Vaccines

Current Status of Thimerosal in Vaccines last Updated: 02/02/2018

Other Preservatives


Minnesota Natural Health Coalition

National Vaccine Information Center

Citizens' Council on Health Care

A free-market resource for designing the future of health care

Vaccine Sources Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines and Ethical Alternatives

Children of God for Life

Minnesota Department of Health Immunization